Ancient life

The reconstruction of Albanerpeton

Albanerpetontid amphibians

Albanerpetontids are salamander-like amphibians, the sister-group of salamanders and frogs and they lived during the Middle Jurassic to the Pliocene…

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Life reconstruction of Allodaposuchus and its environment


Several skull and mandibular elements from Iharkút are assigned to a midsized crocodilian that is relatively widely considered to be closely related…

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Reconstruction of Bauxitornites minszentyae

Bauxitornis mindszentyae

The Iharkút vertebrate locality is among the few places in Europe where the fossils of the very poorly known Cretaceous birds have been also discovered…

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Partial left jaw element (dentary) of Bicuspidon aff. hatzegiensis from Iharkút.


The most common lizard at the Iharkút site is Bicuspidon aff. hatzegiensis, known from dozens of lower and upper jaws…

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Partial right lower jaw of Chromatogenys tiliquoides (MTM V2010.129.1.) from Iharkút.


Chromatogenys tiliquoides, described as a new genus and species, is considered relatively rare among the Iharkút lizards…

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One of the upper jaws of Distortodon rhomboideus (MTM PAL 2012.31.1.) from Iharkút. Scale bar equals 1 mm.


The lizard Distortodon rhomboideus was described by our research group as a new genus and species…

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The only fossils unearthed of these small crocodilians are a few skull and lower jaw elements and isolated teeth…

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Shell and girdle elements of the dortokid turtle from Iharkút

Dortokidae turtles

These turtles are poorly known and only represented by characteristic isolated shell elements. However, they are more common than the remains of Kallokibotion…

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Hungarosaurus tormai

Hungarosaurus is the best known species in the Iharkút fauna. This quadrupedal, 4-4.5 meter long, plant-eater ankyloaurian dinosaur…

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Head reconstruction of Mochlodon

Mochlodon vorosi

Mochlodon, with a body length no longer than 2 meters, was one of the smallest within the clade of rhabodontid ornithopod dinosaurs endemic to Europe…

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Partial right lower jaw of Pelsochamops infrequens (MTM 2006.106.1.) from Iharkút. A, as viewed from the inside; B, as viewed from the chewing surface. Scale bar equals 1 mm.


The lizard Pelsochamops infrequens is known from Iharkút only from a partial right jaw and two jaw fragments…

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Similarly to Doratodon, this small crocodilian is very rare at Iharkút and its presence has been only identified in the last few years…

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