Two of the still undetermined lizards from Iharkút. A, „Scincomorpha indet. A”; B, „Scincomorpha indet. B”.

Fragmentary lizard fossils

Besides Bicuspidon, Distortodon, Pelsochamops, and Chromatogenys, other lizards were also identified in the Iharkút fossil material. At least four other species might have lived in the area, however their remains are still under study. Unfortunately, a part of them is known only based on rather scarce and fragmentary material which indicate only that they differ from the species mentioned above and each other as well. Nonetheless, one of them, designated temporarily as „Scincomorpha indet. A” (= „undetermined skink A”), is worth mentioning here. This lizards, as evidenced by its known fragmentary jaws might have grown to a lenght of more than a meter (about the size of a pet green iguana)

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