Reconstruction of Bakonydraco galaczi

Bakonydraco galaczi

Etymology: Bakonydraco: Dragon of the Bakony Mountains; galaczi: after András Galácz, recognized professor of the Department of Paleontology of the Eötvös Loránd University.

Bakonydraco was an azhdarchid pterosaur, an active flyer with a wing span of 3.5-4 meters. So, it is not a dinosaur a member of a dinosaur-related group. Its jaws did not possess teeth, but with its relatively massive beak-like upper and lower jaws covered with a rhamphoteca this animal was able to cut, tear and pick up different kinds of food including fishes, fruits, worms, or pieces from carcasses. Besides vertebrae and limb bones, more than 80 jaws or jaw fragments can be referred to this pterosaur. These high amount of jaw elements indicate that Bakonydraco was a really frequent animal on the riverbanks and around lakes of the Iharkút environment.
Based on the jaw fragments what mentioned before, it has emerged that a second pterosaurus species has also lived in the area.

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