Zoltán Szentesi

Earth Sciences

Zoltán Szentesi

Earth Sciences


Postal address: Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum, 1431 Budapest Pf. 137

Phone: +36 1 201075/2310

e-mail: szentesi.zoltan@nhmus.hu

Current Research Interests

Study of Mesozoic amphibians in taxonomic, functional anatomic, paleoecological and paleo-biogeographical aspects
Study of Pannonian giant salamander remains from the Mecsek Hills
Study of Pliocene-Pleistocene herpetofaunas of Hungary


2008 – geologist (Eötvös University, Budapest)
2003 –graduation (Worker’s School at Tiszalök)
1985 – car mechanic (110. Vocational Training Institute, Nyíregyháza)

Scientific degrees

2013 – PhD (Eötvös University, Budapest) Thesis: Essay of the Iharkutian Late Cretaceous amphibian fauna from taxonomical, functional anatomical, palaeoecological and palaeogeographical aspects


2013 –
Hungarian Natural History Museum
position: museologist

MTA-MTM-ELTE Research group for Paleontology
position: tudományos segédmunkatárs/Research Assisstant

Department of Paleontology, Eötvös University (Grant TÁMOP 4.2.2.)
position: Research Assisstant

MTA-MTM Research group for Paleontology
position: Research Assisstant

Szepesi Building Ltd.
position: glazier

position: farmer

State Farm, Tiszalök
position: car mechanic

Research grants and project leadership

2013 – 2016 (participant)
OTKA K 104506 ”Taxonomical, taphonomical, paleoecological and stratigraphical investigations of the most important Middle Pleistocene terrestrial site (Somssich-hegy 2, Villány) in Hungary”)

2011 – 2015 (participant)
OTKA NF 84193 A continental refugium in the Late Cretaceous western Tethyan archipelago: paleobiological and biogeographical study of the Iharkút vertebrate fauna and its comparison with other European faunas)

Honors and Awards

2008. – The Best Student Presentation” 1st prize on 11th Conference of Hungarian Paleontologists
2008. –Introductory Lecture (Sicientific Students) on Eötvös Day
2008. –3rd prize on 39th Questionnairre of Young Professionals
2007. 1st prize on Scientific Student Lectures of Geologists at Eötvös University
2006. –2nd prize on Scientific Student Lectures of Geologists at Eötvös University
2006. –The Best Student Poster” 1st prize on 9th Conference of Hungarian Paleontologists


2012- Grant of the National Development Agency (TÁMOP 4.2.2.)

2011 Regular scholarship from the Student Government of Eötvös University

2010- Grant from the Hantken Foundation for study of Late Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian) Spanish localities (Chera and La Solana) and comparasin with the Iharkutian finds

2007-2008 One time and regular scholarship from the Student Government of Eötvös University

Service in scientific bodies

2006 –member by Department of Paleontology and Stratigraphy, Association of Hungarian Geologists

2006 – 2015 member of European Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists

Teaching experience

Kainozoic vertebrate faunas (Eötvös University, Bsc, geologists)

Mammalia (Eötvös University, Msc, geologists)

2010 –2013
Applied paleoecology (Eötvös University, Bsc, environmental science)

2009 –2011
Basics of the applied micropaleontology (diatoms) (Eötvös University, Msc, geophysists)

2008 –
Vertebrate paleontology (Amphibians) (Eötvös University, Bsc, geologists)

2008 –2011
Practice on vertebrate paleontology (Eötvös University, Bsc, geologists)

Visits, field trips

2017-2019 Collections and excavation on the Lower-Pleistocene paleovertebrate site with Mihály Gasparik

2017-2019 Exploration and study of Pannonian giant salamander remains in collections of University of Pécs, Museum of Komló, Hungarian Geological Institute (MBFSZ) and private collectors with Krisztina Sebe and Márton Szabó

2014-2015 Excavations with Piroska Pazonyi on the Lower Pleistocene Somssich Hill 2 site

2012 Participation in a paleontological excavation on a Triassic vertebrate fauna of Templomhegy Dolomite and Mészhegy Formations with Attila Ősi

2010 Chera, Province of Valencia, Spain: Participation in a paleontological excavation on a Late Cretaceous paleovertebrate locality with Julio Company

2010 Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencia: Study of Late Cretaceous amphibian remains from Chera and La Solana with Julio Company

2009 Natural history Museum, Geneva: Study on muscle systems of pipid frogs

2005-2014 Participitaion in regular excavations at the Late Cretaceous vertebrate site of Iharkút