The armour of Ankylosaur dinosaurs

One of the most distinctive feature of the Ankylosaur dinosaurs is their armour what covers them. The most commonly preserved elements of these animals are the parts of their armour because it constitutes a major proportion of any ankylosaur specimen and they’re very likely to fossilize. Paleontologists have studied them from the 1900’s but they got in the spotlight after new studies have started to revise their taxonomic utility in the 2000’s. Attila Ősi and Jonatán Rudolf are researching these armour elements connected to the Ankylosaurs from Iharkút.

This armour is made out of smaller dermal scales called osteoderms. These osteoderms can be found on today’s crocodilians and armadillos. The shape of the osteoderms can be diverse, from large conical spikes to smaller rectangular scales. We divide them into groups based on their size and shape, and its position on the animals body. It is difficult to establish the position of the osteoderms on the animal  because the armour is usually disarticulated and scattered.

By researching the dermal armour we are trying to create a good overall picture that might contribute toward a better understanding of ankylosaurs evolution and ecology. Besides this, the aim of the newest research is to use the dermal armour for taxonomic purposes to divide the materials regarding Hungarosaurus and Struthiosaurus from Iharkút. And finally to create an overall reconstruction for the dermal armour to both species.

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